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Steps and Steppers

If it's flat natural stone you need, you'll find all sizes of steps and steppers (granite flagstone). Surfaces vary from very smooth to naturally irregular. Many have lichen and moss. We don't cut the granite, but many step-like shapes seem to occur naturally. Sizes range up to 16 feet long! 

Some of the larger ledge stones are broad enough to form a natural platform for a table and chairs in just one piece.

If you need a very large flat stone, call with dimensions. We will find it and send photos. 

Veneer Stone

Every veneer project is different and we will pick to the dimensions you require. Our typical veneer stone is 3"-7" thick, but you can request  thinner  and thicker stock as your foundation width allows. 

Wall and Feature Stone

Wall stone ranges from small stones that can easily be laid by one person, to very large natural "blocks" that require a machine to lift. Give us a range of overall dimensions to get the dry laid or mortared wall look that you're after. 

Feature stones and waterfall stones are plentiful and varied in size, shape and texture. You'll find posts, bridges, benches, and other shapes to furnish your outdoor space, all formed by nature.

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